The User Experience Bundle

The User Experience Bundle

Design & Rapid Prototyping bundle!

This Learning bundle - presented by Stacksocial and Udemy - contains 6 courses & 24 hours of content! Optimize an interface from UI design to prototyping to A/B testing. Highlights: Rapid prototyping with "Foundation 5" / "Framer.js", A/B Testing, testing program and advanced copywriting strategies for online sales.

Included e-Learning courses:

  • Foundation 5: Responsive Design & Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile and Web Rapid Prototyping: Interaction, Animation
  • Framer.js: Innovative Prototyping & Design
  • Optimization & A/B Testing Statistics
  • Build a Testing Program: CRO, MVT, & A/B Testing Theory
  • Advanced Copywriting Strategies for Online Sales

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