Lifetime Bundle - MonoDefense Security Suite

Lifetime Bundle - MonoDefense Security Suite

MonoDefense is a security bundle that includes access to KeepSolid's best security digital apps, including VPN Unlimited, Passwarden, SmartDNS, DNS Firewall, and Authenticator.

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With MonoDefense, you can rest easy knowing that all aspects of your online activity are protected.

Some highlights?

  • All-around security
    Secures your identity & other important data
  • Privacy protection
    Hides your real location & bypass geo-blocking and censorship
  • Online freedom
    Easily access any geo-blocked or censored online content
  • Protection for the entire family
    Gives you & your family the protection you need while browsing the web
  • Protection from unauthorized access
    Reduces the risk of unauthorized access & strengthens the overall security of online accounts and sensitive data