The Epic Bundle RSS Feed

Epic Bundle provides an RSS-Feed which contains all current Game Deals, Bundle News and Giveaways. This page will give you all informations you need to subscribe.

What's the Epic Bundle RSS feed?

The RSS-Feed is a simple text-file. It contains all articles by Epic Bundle and is updated automatically everytime we publish a new article! You are able to subscribe to this feed.

Every subscriber is automatically notified each time the content is updated or changed.

The RSS-Feed URL

Epic Bundle "NEWS RSS" feed:

This feed contains the news we've posted on Epic Bundle. This includes new Bundles and updates, GAMES for FREE announcements and many more!

Epic Bundle "DEAL RSS" feed: Not available at the moment...

Please visit our game deals & voucher page in the meantime.

This special "deals feed" only contains the current deals from our deals & voucher overview!

How to subscribe to our RSS-Feed?

An RSS-Feed is a structured text-file. If you want, you can just open the Epic Bundle RSS-Feed in your Webbrowser. But this this isn't really convenient indeed.

A better idea is to use a special "RSS Reader", which will presents an RSS-Feed with links, images and more!

RSS in "Microsoft Outlook"

Following you'll find the video tutorial "Subscribing to blogs using the RSS feed". It shows how to subscribe to a RSS feed within Microfts's Outlook E-Mail client.

RSS in "Mozilla Thunderbird"

Following you'll find the video tutorial "Set Up RSS Feed In ThunderBird". It describes, how to add an RSS-Feed to Mozilla's Thunderbird E-Mail client.

RSS in "Webbrowser"

You can also subscribe to our RSS-Feed in your Webbrowser. In the "good-old" Internet Explorer, this was an integrated feature. Just open our feed in the browser, and you will see a special page to subscribe to the feed.

If you want subscribe to our RSS-Feed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you should try one of the available RSS-Feed-Reader plugins from their official stores.

RSS in "Feedly"

Feedly is an online news aggregator. You can subscribe to our RSS-Feed on Feedly - Click the green +feedly button!

You RSS hints or questions:

Feel free to post your suggestions, hints or questions in the comments! Maybe you know another RSS client worth a look?