Lifetime Deal - 10TB Cloud Storage by INTERNXT

Lifetime Deal - 10TB Cloud Storage by INTERNXT

Store your files in total privacy. Private, Open-Source & Secure Cloud Storage! Take Back Control of Your Data Across All Your Devices. Internxt is a private cloud service suite that protects users' right to privacy.

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All Internxt services are designed for complete security, uncompromising privacy, and honest transparency being 100% Open-source, and end-to-end encrypted.

Some highlights?

  • Private by design:
    Gain full control of your files
  • End-to-end encryption:
    Encrypts all files into smaller pieces to further ensure they can’t be read by an unintended recipient
  • Zero-knowledge file storage:
    Only the user has the knowledge ever to access their files
  • Open source:
    Codes are made public through GitHub for easy access
  • 100% safe:
    GDPR compliant & audited and verified by Securitum
  • Speed without limits:
    Enjoy the best performance out of your connection
  • Easy sharing:
    Sync your files & photos on on all platforms, even Linux!
  • Available on all your devices:
    Access your files from the desktop app, web browser app, & iOS/Android app
  • Intuitive interface:
     Easy-to-follow UI that makes cloud storage easy & user-friendly

Store, share, and send files and photos on the cloud from any device and operating system. Desktop and mobile apps are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, plus there's a web app for browsers.