The DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle

The DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle

DevOps Is the Present & Future.

Learn essential DevOps tools & techniques all included in this all-new e-Learning bundle. This bundle covers DevOps with Vagrant, Chef, Git & GitHub, Ansible, Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Docker and more!

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What's included?

  • Vagrant Essentials:
    Learn DevOps Using Vagrant:
    Make the Project Development Cycle Significantly Easier with Vagrant
  • Understanding Chef:
    The Practical Guide:
    Configure Cloud Infrastructure by Getting Hands-On Experience with Chef
  • Git and GitHub Essentials:
    Get the Most Out of Code with Git & Github
  • Learn Ansible From Ground Up: The DevOps Guide:
    Get Up & Running with One of Today's Most Popular IT Automation Programs
  • Learn Continuous Integration with Jenkins: All in One Guide:
    Simplify Your Coding Life by Automating Processes with Jenkins
  • Practical NGINX: The Zero to Hero Guide:
    Master the Web Server Used by Netflix, Hulu, GitHub, & Other Web Titans
  • Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide:
    Go From Zero to Hero with This Futuristic, In-Demand Container Tool