The Complete C# Coding Bootcamp Bundle

The Complete C# Coding Bootcamp Bundle teaser

Why should you learn C-Sharp?

Code Windows Apps, software & more with this top in-demand, versatile language. A new e-Learning offer presented by Stacksocial. Amp up your development skills with this powerful, flexible language that underlies everything from business enterprise apps to compilers, making it a no-brainer to learn and master.

What's in the bundle?

  • C# Programming from Zero to Hero: The Fundamentals
  • A 16-Hour C# Course with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • A 20-Hour C# 6.0 Course with Web Forms & Intro to Unity
  • C# Advanced Topics: Take Your C# Skills to the Next Level
  • C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding
  • C# Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code
  • C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces & OOP
  • C#: The Complete Foundation
  • C# Performance Tricks: How To Radically Speed Up Your Code
  • Boost Your C# with Structural & Creational Design Patterns
  • Boost Your C# with Behavioural Design Patterns

Experience level required: all levels

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