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Bundle Stars - Extreme Sims 2 Bundle

Bundle Stars - Extreme Sims 2 Bundle teaser

The second Extreme Sims Bundles!

Included you´ll find RACE: The WTCC Game, Air Conflicts: Vietnam, World of Zoo, Roller Coaster Rampage, Professional Farmer 2014, Bridge Project, Towtruck Simulator 2015, Warehouse and Logistics Simulator, Pole Position 2012 and Ride´em Low.

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ALL 10 games are redeemable on Steam (individual Steam Keys!) and available on Windows!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 75
Metascore 81

RACE: The WTCC Game ‐ including Caterham Expansion

Steam | Windows | Racing

The Official WTCC Game | RACE is the first ever game to be focused on the hard hitting, intense action of the exciting WTCC championship which is exploding in popularity all over the world. Based on WTCC, one of only three official FIA world championships next to Formula 1 and WRC, RACE features the complete WTCC championship season of...

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Steam % 47

Professional Farmer 2014

Steam | Windows | Simulation, Simulations

Tractors And Farm Machines Get Your Farm Up And Running The PC simulator "Professional Farmer 2014" takes the player to the countryside and gives hobby farmers full control in the comfort of their home.

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Metascore 43

Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Steam | Windows | Action

Controls fighter jets and helicopters from the Vietnam War era in this combination of simulation and arcade gameplay.

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Steam % 36

Warehouse and Logistics Simulator

Steam | Windows | General, Simulation

Take on a new challenge in Warehouse and Logistics Simulator! In this realistic driving experience, you will take on varied scenarios that will test your skills!

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Steam % 15

Towtruck Simulator 2015

Steam | Windows | General, Simulation

This is your chance to tow away those illegally parked cars! As the owner of a large car pound, you’ve got a whole fleet of different towtrucks at your disposal.

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World of Zoo

Steam | Windows | Virtual Life Games

It's up to you in this family-friendly game to determine ways to gain the animals trust and keep them happy.

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Roller Coaster Rampage

Steam | Windows | Simulations

Players can build coasters while enjoying an arcade style, roller coaster racing simulator with destructive environments!

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Bridge Project

Steam | Windows, Mac | Simulations

The Bridge Project is a bridge building simulation game where you take on the task of constructing a huge variety of different bridges.

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Pole Position 2012

Steam | Windows, Mac | Formula One

An F1 management game - "And even when it comes to your own satisfaction, you can make your dreams come true and get a sports car, a villa or even a private jet plane."

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Ride´em Low

Steam | Windows |

Join the world of night racing and lowrider competitions. Race, win and advance in the underground to ultimately become the next racing king.

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