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Bundle Bandits - Indie Fury Bundle

Bundle Bandits - Indie Fury Bundle teaser

8 Games for 1.50 Dollar!

This time, you will get the following games for small money: Point Perfect, Pester, Dangerous Insects, Deadly Rooms, Retention, Chains, Beardy Isle Hero and Cooking Witch.

Get the complete bundle for Only $1.50! (€1.09)

You´ll receive Desura Keys for 6 games. 2 games are available DRM-Free!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 94

Point Perfect

Desura | Windows | Action, Arcade, Casual, General, Indie

Dodge, dip, duck, click and point your way in this retro-arcade death trap! The invaders are approaching, the Mothership needs your help to defend the home systems. Climb aboard, ready your Navigator 3.1X fighter craft and select some targets for the big

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Steam % 77


Desura | Windows, Mac | Matching, Puzzle Compilation

Chains is a challenging puzzle game with a unique feel and distinctive vector graphics style. The object of the game is simple - to link adjacent bubbles of the same color into chains. As you progress through the physics-driven stages it becomes ...

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Steam % 69


Desura | Windows | Action, Indie

A blast from Flump Studios past! Pester was released on Xbox live indies back in early 2013 and was Flump Studios first game developed for public release. A remake of one of my early C64 games, Pester is a very fast paced and busy retro vertical shooter.

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Steam % 36


Desura | Windows | Adventure, Casual, General, Indie, Virtual Life

This game is about a person who kept running through his life, never looking back at the past. He rarely slept, and even with 24 hours in a day, it was not enough for him. Once during a trip, he gets into trouble. Now he's lying on the cold ground,

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Dangerous Insects

Desura | Windows, Linux | Fantasy

Protect plants from voracious insects in this "No blood, no violence" Tower Defense game without age restrictions!

Deadly Rooms

Desura | Windows | Action

You wake up in a room full of blood and maggots. Search the rooms to find your exit!

Beardy Isle Hero

Other-drm | Windows |

Jump and stomp through the isle and save your girlfriend. It's not just about having skills, you will need your brains too!

Cooking Witch

Drm-free | Windows |

You play as a witch flying to a party in the woods. Cook and eat as much meat as you can, but watch out for the angry Daddies!

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