Humble March Bundle with CONTROL

PlayInjector - Game Bundle No. 2

PlayInjector - Game Bundle No. 2 teaser

7 Indie Games in a Pay what you want Bundle.

Get 4 games for just $1 - Pay a little bit more to get all titles!

You have also the chance to get the first Bundle by Playinjector again!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 77

Bridge Constructor

Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, General, Indie, Realistic Sim, Simulation

Become an appraised bridge engineer and architect in Bridge Constructor. Create and design your own constructions and watch the cars and trucks pass over them - or see them fall and crash while your inferior creations collapse due to weight and the laws

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Steam % 62
Metascore 65

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Drm-free | Windows | Indie, RPG, Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

Drake failed at the military academy exam. He was refused to fight for his proud kingdom Glory. Humiliated he wants to end his life by jumping into the throat of brutal mushrooms.

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Steam % 58
Metascore 48

Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts

Drm-free | Windows | Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

The Knights of Glory and mercenaries begin a struggle for food, survival and escape. Noone notices the awakening of dark forces in the dungeons below…

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Steam % 40

GREED: Black Border

Drm-free | Windows | Action, RPG, Role-Playing

You will need to fight your way through masses of critters, robots, aliens and many other exotic adversaries while collecting unique items and skills thus leveling up your character.

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Steam % 36
Metascore 50

Trapped Dead

Drm-free | Windows | Action, Real-Time Strategy, Strategy

The story takes place in the early 80s. A dog bite of an infected animal caused a local outbreak of the virus which rapidly infected the inhabitants of the idyllic provincial town.

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Farm For Your Life

Drm-free | Windows | Other Strategy Games

Your community was devastated by an apocalyptic storm unleashing the living dead. Together with the other survivors, it is your task to rebuild and assure sustainable life.

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Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens

Drm-free | Windows |

„Simon the Sorcerer“ is the official successor to one of the most successful adventure series worldwide.A reunion with lots of old friends from the Simon the Sorcerer games.The game starts with a vision of Simon: It is a reminiscence of the

Humble March Bundle with CONTROL