Paddle - The Winter Utility Bundle!

Paddle - The Winter Utility Bundle!

An Apple Mac Utility Bundle!

Pay what you want for 8 awesome Mac Apps!

Get Dreamshot and Manico starting at $1. Beat the current average and get the complete Bundle!

This bundle includes:

  • Dreamshot

    Efficient screenshotting, A seamless experience!

  • Manico

    App launching made easy.

    Manico is the efficient App Launcher & Switcher for OS X.

  • Choco 2

    Photo enthusiasts, rejoice!

    Choco is the great choice for every photo enthusiast who wants to make a photo collage, postcard or any other complex graphics scene.

  • book'n'keep

    Bookkeeping for small companies

    book'n'keep is made to fit the needs of sole traders or small companies that do not have strict bookkeeping rules like double-entry accounting but still need to take care what goes in and out.

  • MenuPop

    No.1 rates menu utility; MacWorld winner!

    MenuPop enables you to pop up the main menu using a hot key or mouse button.

  • Metanota Pro

    Manage and edit notes on Mac; with Evernote integration!

    Metanota is a beautiful OSX client and editor for creating and managing notes using well known cloud based services like SimpleNote and Evernote or simply local notes on your Mac.

  • Audiozue

    The best music controller on the market.

    The best way to control, share, and track the music you love.

  • CommandQ

    Lost work/progress is a thing of the past

    CommandQ stops apps from quitting unless you hold down CMD+Q for a short delay.