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Indie Gala - Rise of the Flight Bundle

Indie Gala - Rise of the Flight Bundle teaser

The Indie Gala blows your mind!

A new 9 game package with action and strategy puzzler, a 80s inspired role-playing game, a Magic Carpet look alike, an arcade racer, a beat 'em up and a flight simulation.

Pay What You Want starting at $1 for 3 games or get the complete bundle for a little bit more!

7 Games are redeemable on Steam, 2 games on Desura + Greenlight!

4 games additionally containing Trading Cards for Steam!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 89
Metascore 69

Megabyte Punch

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, General, Indie

Megabyte Punch is a fighting/beat ‘em up game in which you build your own fighter! As you travel through different environments, you battle other creatures to get their parts. Parts have their own powers and bonuses, like gun arms for a shoot ability or powerful hips for a devastating pelvic thrust attack.

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Steam % 89


Greenlight, Desura | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Casual, Indie

Co-op or single player arcade game full of delightful music. Designed to bring casual and hardcore players together.

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Steam % 77

Solar Flux

Steam | Android, Windows, Mac, Linux | General, Indie, Strategy

Travel across the universe and save dying suns from extinction in this unique and challenging puzzle strategy game. You are the last hope to bring salvation to a perishing universe as you collect and deliver fragments of plasma using your

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Steam % 64

Mini Motor Racing EVO

Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie, Racing

Little Cars, BIG Fun! Start your engines!

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Steam % 44

Victory: The Age of Racing

Steam | Windows | Driving, Free to Play, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports

Victory: The Age of Racing is a unique online racing game with spectacular car handling and user generated cars inspired by the different ages of racing. Victory offers a thrilling racing experience through multiplayer events, competitions and an ...

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Greenlight, Desura | Windows, Mac, Linux |

"...Hippocampal seems designed to provoke you, mess with you ..." -- Indiestatik

Saturday Morning RPG

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Role-Playing

An episodic RPG heavily inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons. (OST by 80s composer Vince DiCola)

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Arcane Worlds

Steam | Windows | General

A game inspired by Magic Carpet, with modern graphics! Play as a sorcerer, exploring mysterious worlds.

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Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition ‐ including Legendary Bombers DLC

Steam | Windows | Combat Sims

Take to the skies of war in this realistic WWI flight simulation.

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Metro Exodus Bundle