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Humble SEGA Bundle leaked!

Humble SEGA Bundle leaked! teaser

The official Twitter account of Company of Heroes tweeted about the start of a brand-new Humble SEGA Bundle. Obviously to early! 😉

It looks like they announced it a little bit to early. Probably it's a Humble FLASH Bundle including games by member of the Sega family. These flash bundles typically start on Mondays.

In an article on their blog they've confirmed, that this bundle will contain the "Oberkommando West Western Front Armies faction" of "Company of Heroes 2" in the ‘beat the average’ tier.

"In order to receive the Oberkommando West Western Front Armies faction, your donation will need to fall into the second tier ‘beat the average’ level." -- CoH blog

Tweet about the Humble SEGA Bundle

The full blog article "Sega Humble Bundle Supports: The Able Gamers" is available on Company of Heroes´ official blog.

Read the Twitter tweet by Company of Heroes.

You're thrilled too? What are the other games by the members of SEGA?

What are your optinions and whishes for a SEGA bundle?

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