Humble Montly 2021 July

Humble "Game Dev Arts Megapack" Software Bundle

Humble "Game Dev Arts Megapack" Software Bundle teaser

Pay what you want starting at $1. Make your game truly magic with these awesome developer assets! Want to add that special spark to your next game creation? Don't miss Humble Bundle's newest bundle!

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This bundle contains:

  • 2D GUNS
  • Action RPG Armor
  • Action RPG Loot
  • Bags And Boxes Icons
  • Black Crusader UI
  • Cartoon UI
  • Casual UI
  • Character Avatar Icons
  • Characters For Animation
  • Common Treasure Chest
  • Fairytale Icons Megapack
  • Fantasy Banners
  • Fantasy Buttons
  • Fantasy Equipment
  • Fantasy GUI
  • Fantasy Icons Megapack
  • Fantasy Locations
  • Fantasy Runes Icons
  • Flat Ability Icons
  • Flat Weapon Icons
  • Game Badges
  • Heroic UI
  • Legendary Battlegrounds
  • Loading Bars
  • Mobile Game UI
  • Mobs Avatar Icons
  • Modern Tools Icons
  • Monsters Avatar Icons
  • Platformer Maps
  • Quest Journal
  • RPG Armor Sets
  • RPG Class Badges
  • RPG Professions Badges
  • Races Badges
  • Ranks Icons
  • Sci-Fi Badges
  • Sci-Fi Chests
  • Sci-Fi Ranks Icons
  • Sci-Fi Skill Icon
  • Shields Badges
  • Space Depot UI
  • SpellBook Megapack
  • Steampunk Skills Icons
  • Survival Armor Icons
  • Survival Skill Icons
  • Tabletop Badges
  • Trading Icons
  • Trophy Art Pack
  • UI SciFi Icons
  • Wooden UI
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