Groupees - Subterranean Bundle

Groupees – Subterranean Bundle

A music bundle!

A “pay what you want” package full of music. It contains tracks by Mobius Loop, Indradevi, Android Lust, Falling Skies, P45K, Audio Resistance, and “I, Parasite”.

Included you´ll find this music:

  • Mankind Is Obsolete – Mobius Loop
  • Indradevi – A Thousand Tomorrows
  • Android Lust – Remixes & B-Sides
  • Falling Skies – Our Future
  • P45K – Beneath The Flesh
  • Audio Resistance – Audio Resistance
  • I, Parasite – A Diminished Tomorrow
  • Indradevi Unreleased Mix
  • I, Parasite Fan-Voted Cover

All tracks are available as DRM-Free mp3 or flac!

Grab the complete bundle for $1.50