Metro Exodus Bundle

Groupees - Fantomenks Favorites Bundle

Groupees - Fantomenks Favorites Bundle teaser

7 Albums, $1 minimum.

A "pay what you want" bundle with music. It contains tracks by Thunderclash, Meganeko, Bossfight, Kloudmen, Trey Frey, Tom Mauritzon and Fantomenk.

Included you´ll find this music:

  • Thunderclash - Supernova
  • Bossfight - Caps On, Hats Off
  • Tom Mauritzon - 2039
  • Meganeko - Robot Language
  • Meganeko - Boy irl Girl url
  • Trey Frey - Refresh
  • Kloudmen - Mixed Tracks
  • Fantomenk - The massacre

All tracks are available as DRM-Free mp3 or flac!

Pay what you want starting at $1! Pay more, get more!

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Metro Exodus Bundle