Groupees - Be Mine Bundle 13

Groupees - Be Mine Bundle 13 teaser

An awesome Machinima Steam Game Bundle...

The following games are included in this game pack: The Longest Journey, Fly'n, Miasmata, Legend of Dungeon, Antisquad, Alpha Kimori 1, Nekro, Spate, Mechanic Escape, and Journey of a Roach

All 8 games are available on Steam for Windows. 8 games are also playable on Apple Mac and 3 on Linux. 4 titles are with Steam Trading Cards.

Pay what you want starting at $1 for 3 games or grab the complete bundle for only $4.

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 89
Metascore 80


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie, Platformer, Puzzle

Somewhere between a platformer, a puzzle game and a great big dollop of pure fun, Fly’N will challenge your skills through more than forty levels set in a luxuriant world.

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Steam % 87
Metascore 65

Journey of a Roach

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Indie, Miscellaneous

Nuclear war, post apocalypse, barren and lifeless wastelands.

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Steam % 87

Mechanic Escape

Steam, Desura, Drm-free | Windows, Mac | 2D, Action, Adventure, Indie, Platformer

In a world oppressed by ruthless machines, a stronghold full of die-hard TV-sets resists the persecution.

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Steam % 77
Metascore 76


Steam | Windows | Adventure Games

Miasmata is a first-person survival/adventure game, developed from the ground-up by brothers Joe and Bob Johnson.

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Steam % 74
Metascore 62

Legend of Dungeon

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Beat-'Em-Up

A randomly generated rogue-like RPG beat-'em-up for up to 4 player.

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Steam % 62


Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Adventure, Strategy

Widely known in small circles as AntiSquad, they are a military tactical response unit.

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Metascore 61


Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | 3D

The journey of one man’s struggle and descent into madness that is fueled by his addiction to absinthe.

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Steam % 59

Alpha Kimori: Great Doubt - Episode One

Steam | Windows | Console-style RPG

Alpha Kimori™ Great Doubt™ Episode One is the first of a trilogy of bright and colorful Japanese Anime inspired story-driven episodic 2D Role Playing Games, which feature an intricate action-adventure epic story with a delightful mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements.

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Fallback image

Steam | Windows |



Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | General

Nekro challenges you to destroy the King who betrayed you.

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Alcarys Complex

Greenlight, Desura | Windows, Mac, Linux | Role-Playing

Guide six characters as they attempt to salvage the unsalvageable - a world that cannot be saved.

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