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GAMES for FREE: Trainz V1 (2001)

GAMES for FREE: Trainz V1 (2001) teaser

This time you can get a retro virtual model railroad experience for free. Grab your free copy the very first "official release" of Trainz from 2001. The game has got the Metascore 79. A gift by N3V Games, publishers of the Trainz franchise.

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The game: "Trainz V1" (Windows)

Trainz is a complete virtual model railroad experience that allows you to collect, create and control, the many aspects of a working railroad.

Start by building up your collection of locomotives, rolling stock, objects, buildings, flora and fauna, then create the ultimate railroad layout using the simplest and best landscape editing tool available before jumping into the driver's seat for a whole new perspective.

Trainz V1 gameplay

by DerTebbers

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Grab Trainz V1 (2001) for FREE here!

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Platform support: "The product (Trainz V1) has been tested for Windows 7 and Windows 10 and it installs and operates using default settings." -- Official note!

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