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GAMES for FREE: Freedom Friday (2015-02-06)

GAMES for FREE: Freedom Friday (2015-02-06) teaser

4 games for FREE... for a perfect start to that perfect weekend! This time you´ll get an adventure game (VANISH), an arcade title (Project M.U.R.V), another adventure (Adventures of FrikiBoy), and RTS (Colony). Enjoy them without spending a dime.

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Game 1: VANISH

an adventure game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

"VANISH is a First Person Adventure/Survival Indie Horror game created by 3DrunkMen in the free version of Unity. Thrown into a Labyrinth for reasons unknown, you must roam through the darkness to find your escape."

Get this GAME for FREE here!

Game 2: Project M.U.R.V

an arcade game for Windows.

"PROJECT M.U.R.V is a top down arcade style based shooter. You are a 9ft tall unmanned robot trying to rescue civilians that are under attack by unknown alien species."

Get this GAME for FREE here!

Adventures of FrikiBoy

an adventure game for Windows.

"The greedy monster known as "Guitar Shark" has stolen the world's most delicious pastry, the Coconut Delight, and has hidden it in the depths of his evil dungeon."

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Game 4: Colony

an real time strategy game for Windows.

"A simplified real time strategy game with no combat, about building a colony on a moon while responding to environmental threats in the form of regular meteor showers."

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How to get the games?

Each game is available as DRM-Free direct download and on Desura. (Find more infos below.)

First click the "Get the game for FREE!" button, than click the "install game" button. The game is added to your Desura account directly!

It´s also possible to "direct download" the game without using the Desura client! Just click the "install game" button and select "download direct".

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