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GAMES for FREE: Freedom Friday (2014-11-28)

GAMES for FREE: Freedom Friday (2014-11-28) teaser

4 games for FREE... for a perfect start to that perfect weekend! This time you´ll get a tactical shooter (Astralia), a platformer (CaveExpress), a third person shooter (BattleLite) and an arcade game (Sector Seven). Enjoy them without spending a dime.

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If you have any question or problem, take a look at the comments! You´ve played some of these games? What´s your opinion?

Each game is available as DRM-Free direct download and on Desura. (Find more infos below.)

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Game 1: Astralia

a tactical shooter for Windows.

"Astralia is a top down space shooter with RTS elements, you fly around shooting up monsters, at the same time commanding a team of drone fighters and capital ships, and gathering resources."

Get this GAME for FREE here!

Game 2: CaveExpress

a platformer for Windows and Linux.

"CaveExpress is a classic 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels. Master your pedal-powered flying machine to pick up packages from your cave-dwelling clients and drop them off at the collection point. "

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Game 3: BattleLite

a third person shooter for Windows.

"BattleLite is a third-person-shooter which only has a multiplayer gameplay mode. The game is fun to play and has a wide variety of maps and environments you can never get bored of.

Get this GAME for FREE here!

Game 4: Sector Seven

an arcade game for Windows

"Powerful ship building system allowing player to build unique space ship. Level up system and ship upgrades. Epic bosses."

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How to get the games?

First click the "Get the game for FREE!" button, than click the "install game" button. The game is added to your Desura account directly!

It´s also possible to "direct download" the game without using the Desura client! Just click the "install game" button and select "download direct".

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