GAMES for FREE: Dysfunctional Systems & Juniper's Knot

GAMES for FREE: Dysfunctional Systems & Juniper's Knot

Grab some games for FREE! This time you can get Dysfunctional Systems and Juniper's Knot for free. Both games are playable on Windows, Mac and Linux. Additionally you can grab the Soundtrack of each game. These games are available for free because Dischan dissolved as developer. Thank you for your great games and your generosity!

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The games?

We've collected details for each game for your convinience. Just use the following links.

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How to? Follow the link and download the games and soundtracks. Have fun. Hint: You find more music by the composer of Dischan's games on this Bandcamp page.

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Dysfunctional Systems (Win/Mac/Linux) ↑ Back

User Score 5.9 on Metacritic!

Dysfunctional Systems on Metacritic

Dysfunctional Systems is a visual novel series featuring Winter Harrison, a student mediator from a utopian world. Learning to Manage Chaos is the first entry in the series. What is a mediator?

Juniper's Knot (Win/Mac/Linux) ↑ Back

User Score 5.2 on Metaritic!

Juniper's Knot on Metacritic

Juniper's Knot is a short kinetic visual novel created by Dischan. The story begins with the meeting of a young boy and a demon in a silent town.

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