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GAME for FREE: Super Lemonade Factory Part Two

GAME for FREE: Super Lemonade Factory Part Two teaser

At the moment, you can grab a FREE copy of "Super Lemonade Factory - Part Two", a platformer playable on Windows PC! This promotion by Initials Games, developer of Lemonade Factory only runs for a limited time!

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The Game? "Super Lemonade Factory Part Two" (Windows)

Super Lemonade Factory 2 is a retro platforming game about labour relations, gender roles, moral dilemmas for industry in wartime… and crates.

Andre and Liselot are back, and this game is bigger than ever! Super Lemonade Factory Two has more of everything you loved about the first (Super Lemonade Factory), more zany dialog, more gorgeous pixel art and more spikes. Taking place around the globe in Sydney Australia, New York City and a military base.

Official Launch Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Humble Choice Bundle October 2020 - Steam Games

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