Humble Monthly 2021 - January

GAME for FREE: Battle Realms

GAME for FREE: Battle Realms teaser

Another chance to grab a game for FREE! This time it's the classic fantasy RTS game "Battle Realms" - a game with Metascore 82 and a 5/5 rating on GOG - which is playable on your Windows PC. Another nice "free game" promotion by GOG.

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The Game: Battle Realms (Win)

Battle Realms is fantasy real-time strategy game inspired by the stories told in kung-fu movies and oriental mythology. Develop your tiny peasant village into a highly trained and deadly efficient clan of warriors who are ready to die with your name on their lips.

Audio and text: Deutsch, English, fran├žais

Battle Realms review

by TotalBiscuit / The Game Station

How do you get this free game?

You'll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Grab "Battle Realms" for FREE here!

How to?

  • 1. Locate the "A gift for you" teaser on GOG's homepage. (See screenshot)
  • 2. Click the "Grab your gift" button.
  • 3. Wait for the email. Nice: You'll get a giftable code if you already own the game.

How to download the game? If you received the confirmation email already you should check your "Account/Library" on GOG. (See screenshot in our comments) You'll find the download links for "BATTLE REALMS + WINTER OF THE WOLF" on this page. Have fun!

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How to get Battle Realms tutorial

If you've any question or problem, then just take a look at the comments! Feel free to ask a question, or just add a note!

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Good luck and have fun with this game!

Humble Monthly 2021 - January

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