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Freyja's Bundle

Freyja's Bundle teaser

DonĀ“t miss this awesome AAA Game Bundle!

You will get this complete game package for Only $12.99.

This bundle includes Darksiders and Darksiders 2 (+ Season Pass + many DLC!), Alan Wake and the sequel Alan Wake 's American Nightmare. Also you find Supreme Commander + Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance and Titan Quest Gold (includes the game + Immortal Throne).

And the best comes last ... all games are redeemable on STEAM!

You can buy Freyja's Bundle here.

... and even better: If you use your $5 promo you pay Only $7,99!

This bundle includes
- Darksiders [STEAM]
- Darksiders II [STEAM]
- Darksiders II Season Pass (DLC) [STEAM]
- Alan Wake Collector's Bundle [STEAM]
- Alan Wake 's American Nightmare [STEAM]
- Supreme Commander [STEAM]
- Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance [STEAM]
- Titan Quest Gold [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Angel of Death Pack [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Argul's Tomb [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Deadly Despair [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Death Rides [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Fletcher's Crow Hammer [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Mace Maximus [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Mortis [STEAM]
- Darksiders 2 DLC - Rusanov's Axe [STEAM]
-. Darksiders 2 DLC - Van der Schmash Hammer [STEAM]
- Darksiders II DLC - Abyssal Forge [STEAM]

This offer is only available for a VERY limited time ... be fast! Good luck!

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Metro Exodus Bundle