Ikoid - Dark Soul Bundle

Ikoid - Dark Soul Bundle

5 Games for your Smartphone for Only $1.99

This bundle includes action, turn-based strategy and adventure titles.

Enjoy up to 87% off this Android games bundle including Critical Missions: SWAT, Call of Cthulhu, Ku, Cryptic Caverns and Lemegeton.

Lemegeton Master Edition will be unlocked later! Keep sharing!

This game bundle contains

Metascore 68

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land

Drm-free | Android | Turn-Based Strategy

A turn-based strategy RPG based around the works of cult horror writer H.P.Lovecraft.

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Steam % 23

Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan

Drm-free | Android | Action, Adventure, Indie

A Celt-punk action-adventure set in a future Ireland ravaged by technomagical war and economic collapse, humanity clings on by using the remnants of technology that survive.

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Critical Missions: SWAT

Drm-free | Android | Action

This games delivers the nostalgic fast paced FPS gaming experience to your mobile device.

Cryptic Caverns HD

Drm-free | Android | Adventure Games

Point and click style gameplay.

Lemegeton Master Edition

Drm-free | Android | Adventure Games

A metroidvania game that draws its name from a 17th century grimoire on demonology.