Steam: The "Red Herring" Easter Egg "how to"!

UPDATE Steam: The "Red Herring" Easter Egg "how to"!

You like easter eggs and game badges on Steam? You can easily grab the "Red Herring" badge for Ikaruga. This badge is part of the Steam Winter Sale "Augmented Reality Game". We've created a "How to" image for you. Have fun.

How to grab the "Ikaruga Red Herring" badge on Steam?

We've created a "how to" image for you. You'll find it below. Don't miss to take a look. 😉

  • 1. Visit the Ikaruga Steam store page and login.
  • 2. Type search on your keyboard and press ENTER.

Attention: Don't use the search field! Wait until the website has loaded completely and than type the word "search" on your keyboard. Press the "enter/return" key to confirm the input.

  • 3. Type 1v7531 in the popup window and press ENTER.
  • 4. Have fun with the “Red Hering” badge!

If you've any question or problem with this step by step guide, then just take a look at the comments! Feel free to ask a question, or just add a note!

The Steam Winter Sale "Augmented Reality Game"

Source for these informations are the /r/steamsaledetectives. Don't miss their "Summary of the Winter Sale Augmented Reality Game so far" which contains summaries for "The Northpole Noir", "The Prompt", "The Hitman Thread" and the "Red Herring Thread". Also they're working to solve the riddles of the "HALF LIFE Reference", "The Card Artworks" and more! Join them and help to solve the missing "Steam Sale ARG" riddles. (Steam ARG Wiki)

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Steam Red Herring How To!