Metro Exodus Bundle

Indie Royale - The Gaming Tuesday Bundle

Indie Royale - The Gaming Tuesday Bundle teaser

Pay what you want for five (+2) indie arcade titles.

All the games are available for Windows via Steam except Aeternum which is available via Desura.

Pay a little bit more and you get also the chiptune album Valence by Haberdashery.

+ two not yet unlocked bonus games!

▶ Ended... Find updates here!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 87

Defy Gravity Extended

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie, Platformers

Defy Gravity is an action platformer that is a mix between classic platforming and gravity based puzzle solving.Kara, our heroine, has access to a unique gameplay mechanic that she uses to manipulate the world around her.She has a gun that is

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Steam % 80


Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

Welcome to the premiere school of magic and technology throughout the multiverse, Aeternum Academy! You'll learn to dodge bullets, solve mysteries and make friends in this side-scrolling bullet hell shoot-em-up full of magic teacup cats and corgis piloting spaceships.

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Steam % 74
Metascore 76

Who's That Flying?!

Drm-free, Steam | Windows | Action, Arcade, Casual, Indie, Scrolling

As the mysterious and powerful "Guardian of Earth" your steely eye and HYPER-POWERED LASER ARM have kept the citizens of Earth safe for generations.

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Metascore 49

Bad Bots

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action

A retro-inspired sci-fi blastathon including 170 danger-filled rooms!

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Fallback image

Steam |

The Escapist

Steam, Drm-free, Greenlight | Windows, Mac, Linux | General

A base of 2D platformer with extra spicy bouncing, in a mix of 48 heavily trapped levels, sided with 3 badass bosses. There's also tasty upgrades to avoid choking.

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Drm-free, Desura | Windows, Mac, Linux |

A turn-based tactical game. It's origin was the idea for a board game.

Metro Exodus Bundle