Metro Exodus Bundle

Indie Royale - Snow Storm Bundle

Indie Royale - Snow Storm Bundle teaser

Featuring six newly bundled indie games.

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This game bundle contains

Metascore 80


Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Other Shooters

A physics-driven action game where players take on the role a multi-talented robot. 19 levels of puzzle-solving and high-intensity action!

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Metascore 65


Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Real-Time Strategy

Loot, level and build with fast paced RPG combat and strategic base building! Your goal is to lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven in the wild backcountry of a fantasy kingdom.Bring a diverse cast of followers to your settlement on

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Metascore 64


Desura, Drm-free | Windows | Action

A high-speed action thriller with a mix of arcade action, pinball, breakout, physics and collect-the-objects. Unparalleled gaming experience and extraordinary replay value.

Teaser image for Project Aftermath

Project Aftermath

Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Real-Time Strategy

An arcade RTS. Equip your squads to suit your playing style, researching new items using the spoils of war; choose weapons, armour, power-up augmentations and spell-like special attacks.

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RobotRiot: Hyper Edition

Greenlight, Desura | Windows, Mac | Action

Jump, puzzle and shoot thru retro styled spaceships. Raid vessels for your galactic debt collecting master in pristine pixel perfection.

Metro Exodus Bundle