Humble Monthly 2021 - January

Indie Gala - Weekend Getaway Bundle 2

Indie Gala - Weekend Getaway Bundle 2 teaser

Some games for the Weekend!

Grab some nice indie games. Included in this small game pack you´ll find Terrian Saga - KR-17, Qbeh-1 - The Atlas Cube, FortressCraft Evolved! and Return NULL Episode 1.

Each game is redeemable on Steam and playable on Windows. Selected titles are also available on Mac and Linux. 3 contain Steam Trading Cards. Grab the complete bundle for $1.89!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 88
Metascore 72

QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube - Sky Quest!

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Casual, Family, Indie, Sci-Fi

QBEH-1 is an atmospheric 1st-person puzzle platformer that takes players on a quest through a series of divergent worlds. Each world is filled with new puzzles that require special cubes to solve as well as fun secrets to uncover. Includes a LEVEL EDITOR and STEAM WORKSHOP support!

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Steam % 78
Metascore 83

Terrian Saga: KR-17

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, General, Indie

KR-17 is a 32-bit, story-driven, side-scrolling action puzzle-platformer which follows the story of a military robot on a mission to subdue a rogue agent operating out of an installation on the planet Valiant. It will be the first in a multi-genre series

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Steam % 74

FortressCraft Evolved!

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Early Access, General, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy

FortressCraft Evolved is a unique blend of Voxel Landscapes, Tower Defense, Crafting, Logistics, Exploration, Combat and Assembly lines. Players begin by crash-landing on a strange alien world, left with only a small handful of starting machines.

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Steam % 74

Return NULL - Episode 1

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Indie, Point-and-Click

Return NULL, a Point & Click Adventure, is set in a distant dystopian society under an oppressive force where you play the role of Jack Drebin; husband and soon to be father whose life is on the verge of chaos. Episode 1 sets up key characters and a

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Humble Monthly 2021 - January