Humble Monthly 2021 - April

Indie Gala - Revelation Bundle

Indie Gala - Revelation Bundle teaser

A new Steam game collection!

Don't miss indie game collection by Indie Gala. It again contains a bunch of Steam titles. Save your money. Support indie developers. Get awesome games.

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This game bundle contains

Teaser image for Arena of the Gods
Steam % 100

Arena of the Gods

Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Indie, Early Access

Slay demons, gain glory, and save your soul in this difficult, action packed, top down, hack n' slash! Every time you challenge the arena, you receive a random weapon that you've unlocked so far. Defeat enemies to earn glory, and purchase new weapons, each with their own unique abilities!

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Teaser image for Replica
Steam % 87


Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Indie

Replica is an interactive novel game played through a cellphone and social media. The insane experience of peeping into someone's private life through a cellphone will transform you into the state's greatest patriot.

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Teaser image for Alter Cosmos
Steam % 86

Alter Cosmos

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Indie

Experience comic book style adventure with Aliencat in a world taken over by a totalitarian system. Find a way through dangerous situations, gather your crew and prepare a ship and escape into cosmos – an infinitive space where everything is possible. Unlock the secrets of The Waves of Distortions.

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Teaser image for Seraph
Steam % 85


Steam | Windows | Action

Seraph is a skill-based, acrobatic shooter... without aiming! Take the role of an angel who's mastered the art of 'Gun Fu' as she blasts and cartwheels her way through hordes of twisted demons.

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Teaser image for The Mims Beginning
Steam % 78

The Mims Beginning

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Experience the mysterious and mystical by taking on a journey with Mims in this strategic god-like game. Create structures, plant vegetation, breed animals, take care of your minions, use divine PSI powers, triumph in face of natural disasters, fight monsters, predict the future, and so much more....

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Teaser image for Helltown
Steam % 76


Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie

The year is 1959, you just got a job as a postman in a brand new town called Little Vale. Although the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, this town is shrouded in mystery. Something… unnatural is afoot here.

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Teaser image for Reveal
Steam % 75


Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Indie

Reveal is a first-person puzzle game with an intriguing story. While trying to pass the trials as a God, you also try to figure out why you don't remember anything.

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Teaser image for Mind Maze
Steam % 70

Mind Maze

Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Strategy

MIND MAZE - is a logical competitive game based on capturing of the playing field.

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Steam % 69
Metascore 60

We Are The Dwarves

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy

We Are The Dwarves is a real-time tactical adventure where you take control of three Dwarven astronauts and lead them through the hordes of enemies in the depths of their Universe.

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Teaser image for Dangerous Skies 80's edition

Dangerous Skies 80's edition

Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Indie

Enter the world of Dangerous skies, a shoot em up inspired by the mythical space invaders, you will face ten fantastic levels in full 80s style.

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Steam | Windows |

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