Humble Montly 2021 July

Indie Gala - Friday Special Bundle 20

Indie Gala - Friday Special Bundle 20 teaser

A new special game bundle...

This game bundle includes the titles: They Breathe, Lilly and Sasha Guardian Angels, Slinki, Putrefaction, Nomad, Star Chronicles - Delta Quadrant, Advent, Hush, Nightfall Escape, Spy Bugs, VolChaos, and Hordelicious.

Each game in this bundle is redeemable on Steam and playable on Windows. Selected titles are also available on Mac and Linux. 6 games include Trading Cards. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 100

Nightfall: Escape

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Early Access, Indie, Simulation, Survival

Unravel the mysteries surrounding the haunted mansion on this thrilling first-person survival horror game based on Philippine folklore.

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Steam % 92

Spy Bugs

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Early Access, General, Massively Multiplayer

Spy_Bugs is a flying game in which the protagonists are cyborg insects upgraded with high tech weapons. They can fly, land, fire weapons and make special attacks, each insect is a different character with a specific weapon, special attack and specific ...

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Steam % 84

They Breathe

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, General, Indie

They Breathe is a short journey into the depths of a forest filled with water. As you swim deeper, it's up to you to figure out the rules of an insidious ecosystem where nothing is as it first seems, and where everyone is after the same precious resource

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Steam % 83


Steam | Windows | Action, Indie, Top-Down

Get ready to rock! Hordelicious is a semi-hardcore wave based arena shooter. Survive against endless hordes of enemies with over 45 randomly looted weapons and a plethora of items and upgrades to choose from!

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Steam % 79


Steam | Windows | 2D, Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie

Volchaos is an ultra-challenging old school platformer.

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Steam % 79


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Casual, Early Access, Indie, Sandbox

Nomad is a blocky sandbox zombie survival game. Hunt other players, craft items, kill zombies, build bases and last of all, survive!

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Steam % 74


Steam | Windows | Action, Arcade, Indie

Putrefaction is a First Person Shooter with horror elements, lots of enemies and weapons, heavily inspired by old-school shooter classics.

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Steam % 67

Lilly & Sasha: Guardian Angels

Steam | Windows | Indie, RPG, Role Playing, Role-Playing, Strategy

After Sasha was deemed unworthy of redemption, she passed through the Nexus of Souls. Lilly, who had promised Sasha that she would never give up, followed her through the portal.

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Steam % 63

Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant

Steam | Windows, Linux | Indie, Strategy, Tactics

Delta Quadrant is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game with lite rogue-like elements. Destroy enemies to collect loot, gain experience to level up and use skill points to become stronger. Intended as a fun little sci-fi title, not too hardcore or difficult.

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Steam % 63


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | 2D, Adventure, Indie, Platformer

Hack your way through this maddened forest with one angry bunny's razor sharp Independently Targeting Bionic Shard of Concentrated Mayhem that serves as the titular character's right arm. Now fully detatchable and slingshot capable, for when you just

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Steam % 61


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, General, Indie, RPG

Surrounded by blood freezing phobias intent on absorbing her into oblivion

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Steam | Windows | Japanese-Style, RPG

Havilah and Asharia are at war. It's not the first time and it probably won't be the last. But, what the people of these countries don't know is that these wars have already been foretold. The 4 ancient tablets left behind by the "Creator"

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