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Indie Gala - Every Monday Bundle 39

Indie Gala - Every Monday Bundle 39 teaser

Every monday a bundle for you!

Grab some nice indie games. Included in this game pack you´ll find Cyto, Flower Shop - Winter In Fairbrook, Boson X, Viscera Cleanup Detail - Santa's Rampage, Pixel Hunter and Koya Rift.

The games in this bundle are redeemable on Steam and playable on Windows PC. Selected titles are also available on Mac and Linux. x games include Steam Trading Cards. Get the complete bundle for $1.89!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 93

Boson X

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

Boson X is a fast-paced rotational runner set in a particle accelerator.

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Steam % 90

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie, Simulation

Tragedy! Santa; the toy giving folk-hero, and purveyor of fine Christmas goods, has had enough. Endless requests from greedy children wanting more and more every year, tax increases, pressure from elf unions, bills, reindeer!

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Steam % 77


Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Casual, Indie

Cyto has lost his memories, help him get them back. Fling Cyto through beautiful, other-worldly levels to collect memory fragments and piece together his story in this irresistible, cute, and challenging puzzle game.

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Steam % 65

The Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, Indie, Simulation, Virtual Life

The Flower Shop is a dating and farming simulation game. Steve's life has just taken a downward turn. His grades from his first semester in college are dismal, his relationship with his girlfriend is rocky at best, and now his dad is shipping him off to

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Pixel Hunter

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | General

A 3D side-scroller game, designed in Voxel and 8Bit style. The game features a hunter whose weapons were stolen by different animals. His only thought is to return them all.

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Koya Rift

Steam | Windows | Platformers

An action-packed platform shooter that focuses around streamlined gameplay, intelligent difficulty adjustment and nearly endless replay value.

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