Indie Gala - Every Monday Bundle 04

Indie Gala - Every Monday Bundle 04

The 4th installment of Indie Gala´s Monday Bundle.

This time you´ll get Crystal Towers 2, Love, Scourge: Outbreak, Kaptain Brawe: A Brave New World, Shad'O, and Legends of Aethereus.

The package contains 6 titles. Grab 5 Steam Games and one Desura title. (this one is also on Greenlight). Additionally 3 titles are with Trading Cards for Steam.

Grab the games for only $3.49! (first 24 hours only $1.99)

IMPORTANT: Vote for Crystal Towers 2 on Steam GreenLight! Steam keys will be added by Indie Gala to every purchase as soon as the developers will send the keys.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 100

Crystal Towers 2

Greenlight, Desura | Windows | Action, Indie

Jump and blast your way through the hostile reaches of the kingdom on your quest to recover the Music Crystals!

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Metascore 69

Kaptain Brawe: A Brave New World

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure Games

A interstellar travel filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos!

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Metascore 68


Steam | Windows | Other Strategy Games

You will travel through William’s mind in this unique Tower Defense game.

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Steam % 64

Scourge: Outbreak

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Indie

Blast your way through Nogari Island as Echo Squad.

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Steam % 34
Metascore 41

Legends of Aethereus

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Fantasy, Hack 'n' Slash, Indie, RPG

The planet of Aethereus is an ancient and mysterious world filled with majestic forests, misty swamps, deep caves and ancient ruins.

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