Indie Gala - Anime Sugoi Bundle

Indie Gala - Anime Sugoi Bundle

A new Steam game compilation!

This is IndieGala's latest indie game package.

Pay $1 for

Wandering in space,
The Girl on the Train,
Space Girls.

Pay a little bit more for

Ecchi Sketch: Draw Cute Girls Every Day!,
The Merchant Memoirs,
Songs of Araiah: Re-Mastered,
A summer promise to forever,
Jake's Love Story,
Maria the Witch,
Fix Me Fix You.

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Each game is delivered as a Steam key.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 100

The Merchant Memoirs

Steam | Windows, Mac | Casual, Indie, Simulation

What if you had a second chance at life?

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Steam % 100

AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Amplitude is a story-centric visual novel.

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Steam % 93

Ecchi Sketch: Draw Cute Girls Every Day!

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Indie

As Yume Akiyama, you'll quit your dead-end job and become a full time manga artist, working in an office with a bunch of super cute girls!

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Steam % 82

The Girl on the Train

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, Indie

Follow the story of Hana, a high school delinquent who, after a rough day, notices a gorgeous, tall, foreign looking girl on her train ride home.

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Steam % 79

A summer promise to forever - 夏花的轨迹

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual

"let's make a promise...

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Steam % 69

Fix Me Fix You

Steam | Windows, Mac | Casual, Indie, Simulation

After losing his girlfriend and his job on the same day one could easily say that Austin Lewis is having a very bad day until a unique opportunity knocks on his door.

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Steam % 64

Maria the Witch

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie

Zaki&Mia stole all the mails and spread them all over the worlds !

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Steam % 57

Space Girls

Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Indie

Battles for space and galaxies are cruel.

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Wandering in space

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie

Enjoy the history of the passengers in a futuristic new visual novel...

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Songs of Araiah: Re-Mastered Edition

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG

Dive into a magical world in this remastered edition of the award-winning, kinetic, indie visual novel about a boy and his mistress, and witness a curious relationship unfold in the most unexpected of ways, now with updated graphics, visual effects and art!

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Jake's Love Story

Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie

Funny interactive story with many different endings.

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