Humble "STEM Bookshelf" Bundle

Humble "STEM Bookshelf" Bundle

Four specific disciplines. One awesome bundle.

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Included books:

  • 3D Printing
  • Asthma
  • AutoCAD 2020 Beginning and Intermediate
  • Basic Electronics
  • CFD Module
  • COMSOL5 for Engineers
  • Diabetes
  • Electrical Engineering Exam Prep
  • Foundations of Physics
  • Keyboarding and Beyond
  • Linear Algebra
  • Mathematical Methods for Physics
  • Microsoft Access 2019 Programming Pocket Primer
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Programming with VBA, XML, and ASP
  • Microsoft Excel 2019 Programming with VBA, XML, and ASP
  • Microsoft Excel Functions & Formulas with Excel 2019/Office 365
  • Microsoft Office 2013/365 and Beyond
  • Obesity
  • Optimization Using Linear Programming
  • Particle Physics
  • Photograph Restoration and Enhancement Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Psychedelic Drug Treatments
  • Python for Tensor Flow Pocket Primer
  • Research Methods for Information Systems
  • SAP CO
  • SAP FI
  • SAP Transaction Codes
  • Tensor Analysis for Engineers
  • Tensor Flow Pocket Primer