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Humble Star Wars Comics Bundle

Humble Star Wars Comics Bundle teaser

A New Hope for your e-readers.

Name your price for more than $190 worth of Force-pushing, lightsaber-swinging Star Wars comics. Don’t be a Padawan! Be a Master by supporting charity and comic creators.

Pay what you want - Pay more... get more!

This bundle includes the following comics:

  • Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago . . . Volume 1
  • Star Wars: Empire Volume 1 Betrayal
  • Star Wars: Crimson Empire Volume 1
  • Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1 - Broken
  • Star Wars: Blood Ties - Jango and Boba Fett
  • Star Wars Volume 1: In the Shadow of Yavin
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Volume 1 - Blood of the Empire
  • Star Wars: Darth Maul - Death Sentence - Complete Mini-Series
  • Star Wars: Jedi Volume 1 - The Dark Side - Complete Mini-Series
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Volume 1 Commencement
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command - Complete Mini-Series
  • Star Wars: Dark Times Volume 1 - The Path to Nowhere
  • Star Wars: Adventures Volume 1: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya
  • Star Wars: Knight Errant Volume 1 - Aflame
  • Star Wars: Omnibus: Rise of the Sith
  • Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 1 - Force Storm

All comics are available in multiple formats including CBZ, PDF, Mobi and ePub.

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Humble Choice Bundle October 2020 - Steam Games