Humble "Sound Effects & Audio" Software Bundle

Humble “Sound Effects & Audio” Software Bundle

Visuals start a game, great sound finishes them! When creating your next video or game, don’t forget one of the most important senses for immersion; sound. Don’t miss Humble Bundle’s newest bundle!

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This bundle contains:

  • 80s Synthwave Fusion
  • Action & Battle Music Pack
  • Ambient Puzzle Music SFX Pack
  • Anime Comedy Sound Effect Pack
  • Chiptunes Music & SFX Pack
  • Cinematic Trailer Sounds
  • Cyberpunk Music Pack
  • Dungeon Music Pack
  • Explosion Sound FX Volume 1
  • Fantasy Towns Music Pack
  • Futuristic Sci Fi Lasers Blasters Weapons SFX Library
  • Futuristic Small Space Ships SFX Library
  • Interface & Item Sounds
  • Invasion Aliens Ants and Androids Voice Pack
  • MMO Game Magic Fantasy Game SFX
  • Man Hits Huffs and Hollers
  • Medieval Combat Sounds
  • Modern Lo Fi Ambient
  • Monster 2 The Sequel
  • Numbers & Letters & everything that goes with them
  • RPG Orchestral Essentials Reborn
  • RPG Sound Effects Bundle
  • Retro SFX Sound Pack
  • Silly Comedy Music Pack
  • Sport Sounds Pack
  • Suspenseful Cinematic Ambient Music Pack
  • Text Dialogue SFX Pack
  • The Complete Audio and FX Bundle
  • Transforming Machines & Futuristic Sci Fi Robots SFX Library
  • User Interface Sound FX SciFi Tech