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Humble Doctor Who Audiobook Bundle

Humble Doctor Who Audiobook Bundle teaser

Who? DOCTOR WHO, that's who.

This bundle by Humble Bundle features hours worth of audiobook adventures with your favorite time-traveling doctor. (More audiobooks coming soon!) Also included you'll find the android game "Doctor Who: Legacy".

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This bundle includes the following audio-books:

  • Dalek Empire 1.1-1.4 (Invasion of the Daleks, The Human Factor, Death to the Daleks, Project Infinity)
  • Dalek Empire 2.1-2.4 (Dalek War Chapter One, Dalek War Chapter Two, Dalek War Chapter Three, Dalek War Chapter Four)
  • Doctor Who - The Lost Stories 1.1-1.8 (The Nightmare Fair, Mission to Magnus, Leviathan, The Hollows of Time, Paradise 5, Point of Entry, The Song of Megaptera, The Macros)
  • Dalek Empire 3.1-3.6 (The Exterminators, The Healers, The Survivors, The Demons, The Warriors, The Future)
  • ... and more audiobooks coming soon!

These audiobooks are available as DRM-free MP3.

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This game bundle contains

Metascore 70

Doctor Who: Legacy

Drm-free | Android | General

Team up with your favorite Doctor and head back through time. Interact with fifty years of Doctor Who as you travel through time and space.

Humble Choice Bundle October 2020 - Steam Games