Humble Daily Bundle - Mini Indie Bundle

Humble Daily Bundle – Mini Indie Bundle

4 games having a mini-indie bundle all to its own?

This game bundle contains 4 games: Soulcaster: Book I & II, Escape Goat 2, Incredipede and Ironclad Tactics.

Pay $1 for Soulcaster and 2 Soundtracks. Beat the advanced average and get also Escape Goat 2 and Incredipede. If you contribute $10, you will get Ironclad Tactics too.

3 games are redeemable on Steam. Soulcaster is only available as DRM-Free download (Vote for Soulcaster on Steam Greenlight!).

Hint: DonĀ“t miss the other Humble Bundes.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 96
Metascore 76

Escape Goat 2

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Casual, Indie, Miscellaneous

Escape Goat 2 is a puzzle platformer game where you use machinery, the environment, and a friendly mouse to progress through a dungeon.

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Steam % 96

Soulcaster: Part I & II

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie, Strategy

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Steam % 67
Metascore 69

Ironclad Tactics

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, General, Indie, Strategy

Ironclad Tactics is a fast-paced, card-based tactics game set in an alternate history Civil War - with steam-powered military robots!

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Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux, Android | General

Control Quozzle as she learns to swing through the trees, climb sheer cliffs, dance over rivers of lava, and even soar through the air on thermal winds.

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