Humble Daily Bundle - EVE Online Bundle

Humble Daily Bundle - EVE Online Bundle teaser

Start an interstellar journey...

Included in this bundle you´ll find the EVE Online Starter Pack (Amarr Arms Dealer), the Vanity Pack and a PLEX (Pilot’s License Extension).

Pay $1 for the EVE Online Starter Pack. Beat the average and get also Vanity Pack. If you contribute $20, you will get the PLEX too.

EVE Online: Amarr Arms Dealer Starter Pack

Ammunition. It’s the currency of killers. You’ll get a frigate and also a Blueprint Original (BPO) of the Standard S ammunition along with some raw materials; enough to get you making ammunition!

EVE Online: Vanity Pack

Paint your run-of-the-mill Frigate in the colors of House Kador. Highlight the privileged status of your character by wearing an exclusive Executor or Esquire coat.

EVE Online: PLEX

PLEX (Pilot’s License Extension) is used for a wide range of features and services in EVE Online. Examples: Trade on the EVE Market / Extend your game time / Pay for character services / Get goods, tickets to events.

Hint: Don´t miss the other Humble Bundes.

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