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Humble Bundle - New Year, New You 2020

Humble Bundle - New Year, New You 2020 teaser

New year, new you.

An all-new bundle byHumble Bundle.Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more! Celebrate the New Year by taking care of yourself with the help of this ebook bundle from Sourcebooks!

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Included content:

  • 1000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies
  • 150 Things Every Man Should Know
  • 20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now
  • 21 Ways to a Happier Depression
  • 30-Day Money Cleanse
  • 5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams
  • 88 Days to Any Goal
  • Adult Stuff
  • Big Bucket List Book
  • Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook
  • Every Monday Matters
  • Extremely Busy Woman's Guide to Self-Care
  • Good Morning
  • Hack Your Anxiety
  • Healthy as F*ck
  • Hijacked by Your Brain
  • How to Get a Literary Agent
  • Instant Self-Hypnosis
  • Introvert Power
  • Making Space, Clutter Free
  • Naturally Pain Free
  • Over the Counter Natural Cures, Expanded Edition
  • Practical Meditation for Busy Souls
  • Slow
  • Smarter Next Year
  • Successful Novelist
  • Take the Mic
  • The Diet Survivor's Handbook
  • Undercover Edge
  • Unleash the Poem Within
  • Well-Spoken Thesaurus
  • Writing Great Books for Young Adults
  • Your Playlist Can Change Your Life
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Humble Bundle - SteamVR Games 2020