Humble "BIG DATA & IoT" Bundle

Humble "BIG DATA & IoT" Bundle

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Included content:

  • Applications of Machine Learning in Big-Data Analytics and Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence for Digitising Industry
  • Big Data Management in Sensing: Applications in AI and IoT
  • Big Data: Concepts, Warehousing, and Analytics
  • Electronic Skin: Sensors and Systems
  • Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things: Wireless Circuits, Systems and Networks
  • Engineering Agile Big-Data Systems
  • Eye Tracking and Visual Analytics
  • Getting Started for Internet of Things with Launch Pad and ESP8266
  • Human Factors in Intelligent Vehicles
  • Internet of Things - The Call of the Edge
  • Internet of Things Security: Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications
  • Internet of Things in Automotive Industries and Road Safety
  • Microcontroller and Smart Home Networks
  • Next Generation Internet of Things
  • Secure and Smart Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The Digital Shopfloor: Industrial Automation in the Industry 4.0 Era
  • Understanding Nanoelectromechanical Quantum Circuits and Systems (NEMX) for the Internet of Things (IoT) Era
  • Use of AI, Robotics, and Modern Tools to Fight Covid-19
  • Virtual Reality: Recent Advancements, Applications and Challenges

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