Groupees - Remute's Screaming Bundle

Groupees - Remute's Screaming Bundle

A new remute bundle...

Another game and music bundle by Groupees.

For $1.49 you get the games
Escape 2042 - The Truth Defenders,
Zorkron 1998 Edition,
Mission Massive Migration,

For $2.99 you also get
Tender Loving Care,
Little Miss Lonely,
Atomica - Break The Atom.

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4 games are redeemable on Steam + 5 are redeemable on Itch (DRM-Free).

This game bundle contains

Steam % 100

Escape 2042 - The Truth Defenders

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie

Discover a futuristic fast-paced platformer game in pixel art.

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Steam % 100

Little Miss Lonely

Steam | Windows | Indie

Little Miss Lonely is a game about childhood, fear and the relationships.

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Steam % 75


Steam | Windows, Mac | Racing, Simulation, Sports

Great, addictive, arcade-style gameplayDriving mechanics so unrealistic they’ll make you wish you could powerslide like that in real life!If you didn’t have a Pentium processor back in 1995, now is your chance to finally play this game!

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Steam % 72

Tender Loving Care

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual

You are about to enter a fantasy quite unlike anything you've ever seen or felt before - a fantasy built from the stuff of your very own mind.

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