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Groupees - Community Bundle - Chariy for Flood Victims

Groupees - Community Bundle - Chariy for Flood Victims teaser

Pay what you want Game + eBook + Music Bundle!

All of the content here has been contributed by artists, developers, and writers from within the Groupees community who submitted their work to us.

Support them and choose to support Caritas International’s efforts to help victims of the current floods in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic.

Thanks for checking out the Groupees Community Bundle!

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This game bundle contains

Renga Samurai Shogun!

Drm-free | Windows | Puzzle

Renga Samurai Shogun is a ancient-Japanese-dojo-themed brick-cutting puzzle game that challenges your IQ.The objective of the game is simple, slice up the brick and drag it into the target shape.However, you will only get limited cuts per level and

Obliterate Everything 2 Gold!

Drm-free | Windows |

Tactical RTS in space.A non-linear game where you’ll have to advance and improve your skills while you upgrade your ships and turrets.Build your space fortress and launch your fleet.Obliterate your enemies and conquer the galaxy!

Metro Exodus Bundle