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Groupees - Be Mine Bundle 20

Groupees - Be Mine Bundle 20 teaser

A new BE MINE bundle...

Included you´ll find the games Z.A.R., Lightrise, Hektor, Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock, Shadowgate (2014), Pier Solar and the Great Architects + Soundtrack and many not yet unlocked bonus items!

All games are playable on your Windows PC. Selected titles are also available on Mac and Linux! 3 games contain Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 93
Metascore 62

Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Indie, Point-and-Click

Crash-landed on a desolate, alien planet, what should've been a routine work-for-hire job for Powell has become a deadly mission to save the merchant vessel Morningstar and her crew.

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Steam % 88
Metascore 68

Shadowgate ‐ 2014 version

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Indie, Point and Click, Point-and-Click

Thrust into the role of "The Seed of Prophecy," players travel deep into the living castle, in hopes of defeating the evil that dwells within – the dreaded Warlock Lord.

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Steam % 80


Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

Lightrise is a skill-based, player vs. player combat game which at the core is focused on fun, fluent and fast-paced combat. Lightrise gives players a combat experience not quite like anything else available out there.

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Steam % 73
Metascore 73

Pier Solar and the Great Architects

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Japanese-Style, RPG

In the peaceful town of Reja there live three best friends: Hoston, Alina and Edessot. Young and curious, they want to go on a herb-seeking quest to help cure Hoston's father's illness. Little do they know ...

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Steam % 70


Steam | Windows, Linux | Action, General

In 2097, the mining of minerals and other natural resources is completely automated and controlled by supercomputers. The planets that are mined for 'Iberium', an essential mineral to control pollution on Earth, are called Z.A.R.; Zones for Artificial Resources.

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Steam % 65
Metascore 55


Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Adventure, Indie, Survival

Experience terrors only madness can conjure in HEKTOR, a psychological horror game set in a world that literally moves with your every twist and turn.

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Angels That Kill

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Casual

A dark detective game that tells the story of two men as they uncover the truth behind a murder that has shaken the city. Play as both sides of the story and discover the truth behind the murder.Play both sides of the story. Go through both the ...

Humble Choice Bundle October 2020 - Steam Games