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Groupees - 1C Company Bundle

Groupees - 1C Company Bundle teaser

This bundle contains the games King's Bounty: Platinum Edition, Men of War: Vietnam - Special Edition, Ascension to the Throne, Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty, Death Track: Resurrection and El Matador

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 84

Ascension to the Throne

Drm-free | Windows | Fantasy, RPG, Strategy

Play the role of a king who was banished beyond the borders of his country without friends, armies, or money. Real-time turn-based battles, you must crush the traitorous enemies.

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Teaser image for King's Bounty: Platinum Edition
Metascore 82

King's Bounty: Platinum Edition

Steam, Other-drm | Windows | Role-Playing

An adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and role-playing elements. In a fairy tale fantasy world of fearless knights, evil mages, wise kings and beautiful princesses the player controls a hero. Leading their character through the game world, exploring it, commanding armies in battle and accomplishing various quests can mean great reward or huge defeats.The Platinum Edition includesKings Bounty: The Legend Kings Bounty: Armored Princess Crossworlds Expansion

Metascore 68

Men of War: Vietnam ‐ Special Edition

Steam | Windows | Real-Time Strategy

Successor to Men of WarMen of War: Vietnam brings tactical strategy to the jungle battles of the Vietnam War.

Steam % 65
Metascore 54

El Matador

Steam | Windows | Action, Modern

El Matador is a third person, tactical action game, where the player takes on the role of a DEA agent, whose aim is to bring down the narkomafia, an organised crime syndicate in South America.

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Steam % 61

Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty

Steam | Windows | Action RPG, RPG

Konung III is a RPG, based on the Scandinavian and Slavic mythology, the third game in the Konung series (Konung: Legends of the North and Konung 2: Blood of Titans).

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Steam % 48
Metascore 53

Death Track: Resurrection

Steam | Windows | Car Combat, Racing

Do you have what it takes to Survive? Death Track: Resurrection is a racing/action title that takes players into a post-apocalyptic, not-too-distant future where traditional sports have been replaced by far more violent entertainment.

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Humble Monthly 2021 February