GameFly - Build Your Own Bundle: Aspyr Games Update

GameFly - Build Your Own Bundle: Aspyr Games teaser

Create your own "AAA Game Bundle" with Aspyr games including "Bioshock Infinite", "Borderlands 2", "Jedi Knight" and many more!

This is mainly a Mac Bundle, but many titles are Steam titles including a Steam Key that is compatible with PC + Mac!

Games for STEAM [Win + Mac]

The following games are available via STEAMPLAY and are redeemable on Windows + Mac!

Other games [MAC Only!]

The games listed below are direct downloads and only available for Apple Mac!

Bundle prices:

If you have an Mac, choose all! If you are on Windows, choose the Steam games only!

Deal expired!

Have fun creating your own AAA Game Bundle!

Feeback: You´ve created a bundle? Which games you´ve selected?

Update: Looks like the Steam Keys for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 are out of stock! You can´t choose this BioShock Infinite DLC anymore!