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GameBundle - The SUMMER Game Bundle

GameBundle - The SUMMER Game Bundle teaser

9 STEAM games...

This Steam game package contains Collider, Vapour, X-17, Story of a Cube, Army of Tentacles: (Not) A Cthulhu Dating Sim, PRiO, The Sacred Stone: A Story Adventure, No Pineapple Left Behind and Amigdala.

Each game in this bundle is redeemable on Steam and playable on your Windows PC. Selected titles are also available on Mac and Linux. 4 games include Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 97


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Casual, Indie

Collider is a fast paced arcade game for 1 to 8 players.

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Steam % 85


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie

PRiO is a visually-striking, yet challenging platformer about manipulating the environment around you by toggling between Red, Yellow, and Blue blocks in order to navigate through each level.

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Steam % 81


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie

Gherman,a middle-aged man who has abandoned all to find what lies behind the "Philadelphia experiment".11 years after the experiment,Gherman found a document that marked the coordinates of the project's military establishment.Certainly he

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Steam % 67
Metascore 60

No Pineapple Left Behind

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Dehumanize kids and make money.

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Steam % 66

Army of Tentacles: (Not) A Cthulhu Dating Sim

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG

At long last, the works of H.P. Lovecraft meet the medium of RPG in a spectacle of light and sound befitting an old western. Only this is set in New England. Meet interesting people! See astounding wonders! Enslave humanity! Go on one date side quest in

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Teaser image for Story of a Cube
Steam % 61

Story of a Cube

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie

Story of a Cube is an action packed shooter about a lone cube and his quest for revenge. Mixing elements of twin-stick shooters and bullet hell games, this is a hardcode arcade game with a crazy amount of explosions.

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Steam % 51


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie

WARNING! This game has an Age Restriction of 18. Vapour is an experimental horror game, that fuses elements of both old school and modern horror titles with the frantic game play of classic First Person Shooter titles. Blending horror, shooter, action,

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Steam % 44

The Sacred Stone: A Story Adventure

Steam | Windows | Action Adventure, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG

Designed as an Old school RPG game. Play as a small child explore new worlds, interact with characters, dungeon style levels, old school boss fights.

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Steam % 32


Steam | Windows | Action, Early Access, Indie

FPS/3rd Person Genre Shooter. Fight your way through an Alien Invasion not only on earth but on other planets.

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Humble Monthly 2021 - April