Humble Choice - Monthly Bundle September 2020

GameBundle - Mighty Monday Bundle 5

GameBundle - Mighty Monday Bundle 5 teaser

Another great indie game bundle!

This Steam game package by GameBundleCom contains Wrath of Anna, The Tower - Fantogame, Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel, A Week of Circus Terror, Evertown, Egyptian Senet, Steamalot: Epoch's Journey, Dear RED - Extended and Existentia.

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Each game in this bundle is redeemable on Steam and playable on your Windows PC. Selected games are also playable on Mac and Linux. 3 titles also contain Steam Trading Cards.

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 89

Steamalot: Epoch's Journey

Steam | Windows, Mac | Strategy

Steamalot is a medieval steampunk tactical card game. As a player you build a deck of characters, skills, and equipment. During a game players play characters onto a battlefield. Then those characters maneuver around the field in turn based combat.

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Steam % 83

Egyptian Senet

Steam | Windows, Mac | Board / Card Game, Casual, Indie, Simulation

The #1 SENET Mobile Game Is Now Available On Steam. Don't Miss The Opportunity To Play The World's Oldest Board Game From Ancient Egypt. Start Your Mysterious Afterlife Journey To Pass Through The Underworld Realm Of Osiris.

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Steam % 81


Steam | Windows | Early Access, Indie, Strategy

Evertown is a RTS (real-time strategy) game with some survival elements. The goal is to raise your town to make it safe (the longest you can).

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Steam % 81

Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Casual, Indie

Feel the mysterious world of Molds and the City where the sun never sets. Look for clues, make decisions and follow your own path in the Cyber ​​City 2157.

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Steam % 74


Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie

Existentia - post-apocalyptic adveture puzzle game with dark existential atmosphere. As one of the few survivors after nuclear disaster you will explore ruins of the post-Soviet republic.

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Steam % 73

A Week of Circus Terror

Steam | Windows | Action Adventure, Indie

A hand-drawn, point & click indie horror game about the haunted house and his owner. During the day, you have to search for some informations, but when the night comes, you have to understand, why are the possessed toys trying to kill you. You have

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Steam % 65

Dear RED - Extended

Steam | Windows | Indie, RPG, Role-Playing

Dear Red is a game based on two choices: Truth or Lie. Each of your choices will lead to a different result.

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Steam % 58

Wrath of Anna

Steam | Windows | Action, Early Access, Indie

Defend Earth and play as the Natives, or fight for Earth's rival planet - Drumgore - and their unrelenting dictator: Lord Anna. Experience combat on both planets!

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The Tower - Fantogame

Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie

Climb the tower using the lowest number of attempts

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Humble Choice - Monthly Bundle September 2020