Epic Bundle TOP5 - March 2014

Epic Bundle TOP5 - March 2014

Which was the most noted Bundle and Game in March? We´ve researched and created again the Bundle & Game Top 5 Lists!

Bundle TOP5 - March 2014

The much-noticed Bundles on EpicBundle are:

  • Top Game Bundle 2014: Humble Bundle - Devolver Digital Double Debut

    1 Humble Bundle - Devolver Digital Double Debut Game Bundle

    Cosmic DJ, Defense Technica, Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

  • Top Game Bundle 2014: Bundle Stars - Adrenaline Bundlee

    2 Bundle Stars - Adrenaline Bundle Game Bundle

    Axis Game Factory, Bang Bang Racing, Etherlords II, Expeditions: Conquistador, Gun Monkeys, Heli Heroes, Kaptain Brawe: A Brave New World, Master Reboot, Monday Night Combat, Postal, Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, Rock of Ages

  • Top Game Bundle 2014: Humble Bundle of Love for Brandon Boyer

    3 Humble Bundle of Love for Brandon Boyer Game Bundle

    Actual Sunlight, AirMech, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Auralux, Bagfull of Wrong, Blocks That Matter, Castles in the Sky, Dynamite Jack, Electronic Super Joy, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Expander, Fancy Skulls, Funky Smugglers, God of Blades, Goscurry, Mazing, McPixel, P-3 Biotic, Paragon, Pivvot, POP: Methodology Experiment One, Proteus, QbQbQb, Receiver, Samorost 2, Sepulchre, Shipwreck, Sky Nations, Sleepwalker's Journey, Sokobond, Stacking, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, The Sea Will Claim Everything, Thomas Was Alone, VVVVVV, Waking Mars, Warp Juggler, Wizorb, World of Goo

  • Top Game Bundle 2014: Indie Gala - Supreme Bundle

    4 Indie Gala - Supreme Bundle Game Bundle

    //N.P.P.D. RUSH// - The milk of ultra violet, Battlepaths, Driftmoon, Gunman Clive, Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, Humanity Asset, KAMI, Little Racers STREET, Probably Archery, Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

  • Top Game Bundle 2014: Blink Bundle - The Epic Highborn Bundle

    5 Blink Bundle - The Epic Highborn Bundle Game Bundle

    Alien Zombie Megadeath, Clickr, Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Highborn, Silent Storm: Gold Edition, Spaceforce: Rogue Universe, Winter Voices Episode 1: Those Who Have No Name, Winter Voices Episode 2: Nowhere of Me, Winter Voices Prologue: Avalanche, Zafehouse: Diaries

Hint: The listed bundles already ended except Bundle Stars´ Adrenaline Bundle and Indie Gala´s Supreme Bundle!

Game TOP5 - March 2014

If you´re searching for interesting games worth a look, you should visit each of the Top 5 games, like many other visitors on our site before.

The much-noticed Games on EpicBundle are:

Hint: "Octodad", "《 井 》The Well" and "Don't Move" are downloadable for free on the developers´ websites.

Congratulations to all people responsible for these Top Bundles and Games!