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DailyIndieGame - SBX: Invasion Deal

DailyIndieGame - SBX: Invasion Deal teaser

The new "Pay What You Want" Indie Game Deal!

"SBX: Invasion is a new take on the Tower Defense strategy genre, placing the creative power in your hands. "

Pay What You Want - starting at Only $0.99 or pay more than the average for a 2nd game key!

The game is redeemable on Desura. (Windows)

Attention: The games is also on Steam Greenlight. DonĀ“t forget to vote!

Hint: The Top 5 contributors will also receive a free key for the next game which comes on sale.

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This game bundle contains

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SBX:Invasion Base Defense

Greenlight, Desura | Windows | Action, Indie, Strategy

SBX Invasion is a tower defense and base building game. You pilot a ship that can build defenses and must fight off alien invaders in each stage. Quickly build defenses and towers in each stage before you are overrun by enemy forces.

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